Photo of Michael Hoyt



As Director of Cyber Security at Life Cycle Engineering (LCE), Michael Hoyt helps clients manage program and corporate security risks by implementing industry security standards across a range of platforms. With over 20 years of information technology and cyber security experience, Michael has become a thought leader and trusted advisor in the industry, with credits including advisory boards for colleges and universities, the CDCA Innovation Committee, member of the IWRP executive committee and publishing in trade magazines. Michael has focused his career on understanding how bad actors (hackers) utilize vulnerabilities to compromise networks, systems and even people. Michael uses this focus to instruct and coach cybersecurity professionals about offensive concepts and techniques, preparing them to defend against bad actors. In order to teach these offensive concepts in a controlled environment, Michael designed and created a Cyber Range Training Environment called Hack Warz®. Hack Warz®, a capture-the-flag event in which participants gain exposure to hacker tools and common exploits, has been conducted at symposiums such as C5iSR, Charleston Chamber of Commerce Cyber Conference, Maritime IT Summit, and Military Open Source Conference. Michael Hoyt has a Bachelor’s degree in Management of Information Systems from the University of Phoenix as well as several well-known industry certifications to include GPEN, GCIH, GCIA, GSEC, RHCE, CISSP, and PMP.