Shannon Laughlin Photo



Ms. Laughlin has been working with Modus21 since 2007 and has been serving and supporting NIWC LANT, its customers and our warfighter since 2009. Ms. Laughlin is a Senior Consultant and Director of Business Development at Modus21.

Prior to serving as the Director of Business Development, Ms. Laughlin served as a Systems Analyst and Project Manager for Modus21’s Professional Services, leading multiple project teams for NIWC LANT and its customers. Not only is Ms. Laughlin passionate about helping NIWC LANT and its customers solve their problems, but she is also equally as passionate and engaged in helping them improve processes and increase efficiencies. She has strong relationships both with NIWC and industry partners and is a dedicated team player with exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.

When not serving her colleagues and clients in the defense community, Ms. Laughlin enjoys serving in her church children’s and youth divisions and spending time with her husband, two teenage boys and Havanese pup.